Porsche Panamera Parts [2010-2016] First Generation

The first-generation Panamera was introduced in 2009, with the first ones hitting the roads in early 2010. There were three V8 powered models, i.e. the Panamera S, the Turbo models and the 4S. There was also a 4.8L twin Turbo model that produced 493 hp of torque. Later in 2010, the company launched the Panamera 4 and the Panamera both vehicles were powered by a 3.6-litre V6 and a 3.0-litre V6 producing around 296 HP.

V8 Tech in a V6 Engine

One of the unique aspects of the Panamera apart from the V8 engine models, i.e. the 4S, and Panamera S, the V6 included much of the technology of the V8 engine models. Technologies like the Direct Fuel Injection system, on-demand oil pump, a so-called variable intake camshaft adjustment with variable valve lift, dry sump lubrication using a two-state oil extraction process, variable intake manifold and Auto Start-Stop were included.

The Turbo version of the Panamera was designed to use what’s called ‘active aerodynamics’ which means it could adjust the car’s aerodynamics using an adjustable rear spoiler. The Optional Sports Chrono Package came with the Sports Plus button, which, when activated offered tighter dampening, lowered the body by 25 mm and had air springs.

Introduction of the Hybrid

Later in 2011 Porsche introduced the Panamera S Hybrid, Turbo S, GTS, and Diesel variants. The Diesel and S, Hybrid models were all rear-wheel drive, while the GTS, 4 and 4S were all-wheel drive systems.

Interestingly Porsche only sold 18 units of the Hybrid S, but since then sales picked up.

A New Transmission

The new designed PDK or dual-clutch transmission the ZF 7-speed was introduced as standard across the 4, 4S and the Turbo variants. People who wanted more speed could opt for the sport Chrono package. Though in some markets the Panamera came with a 6-speed manual, with a petrol rear-wheel-drive version.

Both the Diesel and the Hybrid Panamera came with an eight-speed by Aisin, called Tiptronic S.