Porsche 996 Parts

The Porsche 996 is the internal designation by the company which refers to the 911 that was manufactured and sold from 1997 up until 2006. The 996 was available in the Turbo S, GT2 and GT3 variants throughout the time it was produced.

The interesting thing about the 996 is that it had little resemblance to its predecessor especially since it bore a new chassis platform and a newly designed water-cooled engine. Many fans welcomed the 996 as a major change in terms of design and platform that distanced itself from previous models.

Development of the Porsche 996

The Porsche 996 shared a lot of its styling and accessories with the entry-level Boxster, which was introduced around the same time. Take the front suspension, for instance, which was the same as that used in the Boxster along with the engine and a few other interior components. Though some parts had to be enlarged for the 996.

The multi-link suspension over on the back was a slightly upgraded version of what was used by the 993. One reason for this was to cut development costs mainly because Porsche was going through tough financial times. Not only did it save 30% for the company in the way of development but turned out to be a pretty good decision performance-wise.

Further Refinement of the 996

While the Porsche 996 was seen as a significant upgrade or change from its predecessor called the 911, it was fine-tuned over the years owing to changing emission standards. Progressively stringent emissions standard coupled with environmental concerns, noise regulation and other issues meant that the vehicle received minor updates, in particular to the 4-valve per cylinder engine.

Some other stand out features of the Porsche 996 was a sleeker design, raked windshield and a newly designed interior. All these changes made the vehicle a relative success in what was tough times for the company.