Porsche 993 Parts

The Porsche 993 is widely thought of as the last purists Porsche. It was the last of the 911’s to have a water cooled engine. It is also one of the most beautiful of the 911 variations. The Porsche 993 came out late 1993 and with its Flat 6 272 bhp engine it caused a stir from the off ! It initially came with a two wheel drive rear engined set up and then the four wheel drive variant was released.

It was only in 1998 when stricter regualtions where implemented for emmisions that the 993 was replaced by the water cooled engine of the 996. However Porsche had released a targa version with a glass roof, a RS version with a stripped out interior, a turbo version with a whopping 450 hp and a GT version with a huge spoiler kit on it.