Porsche Boxster Parts

The Porsche Boxster introduced in 1996 was designed by the great Grant Larson, and inspired by the 356 Cabriolet, Speedster, as well as popular 550 Spyder. The new design signaled what became a major turn around for Porsche. In an effort to slash costs, Porsche, in consultation with Toyota, started to share parts amongst models. It was a step that many people considered to be in the right direction.

The New Porsche Boxster Parts

The pilot production of the new Porsche Boxster started in 1995, which was ahead of the actual production of the series in 1996. It was released before the 996, but it used the same front wings, bonnet, interior design, headlights, and engine style.

Both the 987 and the 986 Porsche Boxster use the very same M96, water-cooled, six-cylinder engine which happened to be the company’s first water-cooled engine. The Porsche Boxster used a mid-engine layout, to ensure a lower center of gravity, which in turn would improve handling, by managing weight distribution.

Engine Failures

The engines, while pretty good on paper, suffered from numerous failures, which included slipped cylinder liners and cracking. The issues were fixed with a minor redesign by modifying the casting process in 1996. The engine issues caused Porsche to issue a notification offering free replacement or repair of the faulty engines. Generally, the repair would include boring the cast sleeves out and replacing them with new sleeves instead of completely scrapping the engine block.

2002 Facelift

The Porsche Boxster received a minor facelift in 2002. The one significant change was the company replacing the plastic rear window, with a glass one. Porsche also added a glove compartment, trunk release latch, and an electro-mechanical hood mechanism. Most noteworthy was the updated steering wheel.

Over on the outside, the 2002-2004 Porsche Boxster included a new exhaust pipe and brand new air intake. The company also replaced the rear lights with translucent gray turn signals.

The bumpers also received a slight change, which made them more defined by giving it a more chiseled appearance. Overall the 2002-2004 model did well in the US/Canada as well as parts of Europe.