Porsche 928 Parts s2 s4

The Porsche 928 was born around the same time as the 924. It was again similar to the 924 and 944 something a little different from Porsche. The 928 was again front engined and rear wheel drive like the 924 and 944 but it was substantially larger and had a bruising V8 under the bonnet this along with the majority of them having an automatic gearbox. The 928 was a serious autobahn cruiser. It would simply eat up the miles on the motorway in comfort for the driver and passengers. Porsche did try and market the car as a 4 seater however the back seats are small and a child could fit in at best and if the driver is tall and needs his seat back there is little or no room in the back.

There were a few facelifts of the 928 there was initially the 928S and then the 928S2 where minor tweaks were made mainly to the appearance such as subtle spoilers etc. But it was in the mid 80’s when the 928S4 was introduced. This had a much larger makeover and the car had a very modern feel at the time, many considered it before its time. The engine size was raised slightly and the performance tweaked up slightly and this made the Porsche 928 a popular choice with the long distance commuter who wanted comfort and speed. Many thought of the 928 as ugly, and really this cant be disagreed with however it more than made up for this with performance. Towards the end of production of the 928 the 928 GT came out this had the power output raised again and really proved to be a handful like the 911. Not many of these were produced but the were great fun,