Porsche 928 S, S2, S4 Parts

The Porsche 928 was introduced in 1978 as a luxury grand tourer as a replacement for the 911. The new 928 combined the tight handling of a sports car, with slightly more power than the 911, but with added refinement, luxury, and features. It was a flagship vehicle for the company, and many executives believed at launch that it appealed to many more people than the outgoing often difficult to handle 911.

Interestingly the 928 is the first production vehicle by the company to include a V8 engine and the only coupe with a V8 mounted in the front.

Impressively Engineered

The front-mounted, large, and often roaring water-cooled V8 was easier to handle. The 4.5L used a single overhead camshaft and produced 219 hp. In America, Porsche introduced the 237 HP version. Later the engine was upgraded in the 1980s from mechanical to EFI, but only in the US models.

The new 928 marked a notable change in the direction the company was taking, and many foresaw future Porsches to include the engine in the front.

Styling Changes over the Years

When introduced in 1978, that styling remained the same till 1979; the model lacked both rear and front spoilers. Later in 1983, through to 86, Porsche upgraded the design with rear and front spoilers denoted as the “S” models.

From 1987 through to 1995, Porsche designed the vehicle so that the front spoilers would be integrated into the nose, with the rear becoming a wing and not a piece. Porsche added side skirts, with a slightly different taillight configuration.

Through the 80s and early 90s, the car came with 16-inch wheels, the only difference being the flat disc types in the late 80s, which was then replaced with the Club Sport wheels. Overall the styling was considered industry-leading for the time and contributed to the vehicle’s success.