Porsche 924, 944, 968 Parts

The Porsche 924 was introduced in 1976 and was in production until 1988. The coupe was a replacement for the Porsche 914, as the new entry-level model.

The 924 was the very first road-worthy Porsche, which was designed to have a front-mounted engine but with a rear-wheel drive. It was also the first to get an automatic transmission.

While Porsche fans criticized the 924 for its mediocre performance, it was still highly successful, with Porsche selling just over 150k units from 1976-1988.

 Porsche 944 Parts

The 944 was closely related to the 924 and made its debut in the US market in 1983. In the US, it was meant as a replacement for the outgoing 924. However, the production of the 924 continued despite the 944 being produced and sold.

The front-engine, and rear-wheel drive combo, was available in a cabriolet body style with the option of a turbocharged engine or a naturally aspirated engine. The 944 had a great deal of success in the US. As production continued through the 1990s, the vehicle received a major revision, which was scheduled to be called the “S3”. Later that eventually became known as the 968. 163,000 units of the vehicle were sold, making it the most successful of Porsche’s sports vehicles of all time.

Porsche 968 Parts

The 968 was in production from 1991 right up until 1995. It was considered the final evolution in what was the company’s line of front-mounted, water-cooled engines with a rear-wheel-drive that began over 20 years ago.

The 944 shared around 20% of its parts with the 924, but it was faster, more comfortable with modern features. Porsche sold a total of 12,776 across the world, including the US and Canada, placing it amongst some of the most successful sports cars.