Porsche 912E Parts

The Porsche 912E was reintroduced after a 6-year hiatus as the 912E, and was internally referred to as the 923. It was primarily introduced to fill the entry-level spot, that sat vacant once the 914 was discontinued, and while the 924 was being finalized.

Porsche manufactured 2092 912Es, all of which were primarily geared towards the US market. That’s one reason why it used a slightly modified Porsche version Type 4 with a 2.0-liter engine. The newly revised engine came with a longer 71mm stroke, new pistons to fit the nearly 94mm cylinder bore, and it used the prevailing Bosch L-Jetronic.

A Versatile Sports Car

One of the features that attributed to the 912E’s success was its excellent long-distance capabilities, thanks to a large 20-gallon fuel tank, and a fuel average of 30 mpg, which equals to an impressive 600+ mile range.

Porsche, in their effort to taper production costs, used the 911’s chassis, which is why the 912E handled exactly like the 911, the only difference was perhaps that it had less power in the rear. That being said, it was a far more forgiving vehicle because it didn’t suffer from the same oversteering issues associated with the 911.

Interesting Features

The E version was the only 912 that came with a galvanized chassis, which made it corrosion resistant. While Porsche didn’t make a big deal about it, owners of the vehicle soon realized that there was something more superior about their car only to discover the galvanized metal chassis.

Other than that, the 912E came with a standard set of 14” alloy wheels, an electronic sunroof, electric antenna, power windows, power doors, headlight washers, an AC which was offered as a dealer-installed feature.

A Collector’s Car

Since only 2092 912Es rolled off the assembly line during a year of production, it soon became a collectible Porsche. The few that remain today command a pretty steep price, especially if they still sport the original four-cylinder engine.