Porsche 911, Parts Porsche 911 Turbo or Porsche 930 Parts

The Porsche 930, also often referred to as the Porsche Turbo, was manufactured and sold from 1975 up until 1989. Called the 911 Turbo by some, it was the top of the line model for the entire 911 series and credited for being the fastest car produced in Germany.

Porsche 930 Turbo Parts

The 911 Turbo, output a whopping 256 hp, at 4K RPMs, which back then was more than what the standard Carrera was capable of. The 6.5:1 engine compression ratio was able to output a great deal of power, which was then complemented by a revised suspension, a much stronger gearbox compared to previous ones in the series and larger brakes.

While some consumers were not happy with the four-speed transmission, they also made a five-speed manual transmission, but it was only for the lower trim version. The rear spoiler was added to help vent much-needed air, which in turn also created a downforce towards the back of the car, coupled with wider rear wheels helped to improve the grip and made it more stable than its predecessors.


While Porsche badged it as just “Turbo,” units sold in the US were labeled the “Turbo Carrera. It was first introduced in the Paris Auto show in 1974, before going on sale in 1975, with the first ones entering the US in 1976.

The 930 was mainly known for being extremely fast, but it was equally demanding on the driver. Its rear-wheel-drive, coupled with a short wheelbase, meant that the vehicle would oversteer, and the Turbo would lag.

While production of the Turbo continued till 1989, it was discontinued in the US and Japan owing to changing emissions regulations in both countries. However, it continued to be sold up until 1989 in Canada.