Classic Porsche 911 T E RS Parts And Accessories

The Porsche 911 is a two-door performance, rear-engine car, introduced in 1964. The 911 sports a flat-six engine mounted in the rear in addition to an independent suspension system. However, since the initial launch, the 911 has been continuously refined with the basic concept of a compact sports car continues to be the same.

The 911’s engines continued to be air-cooled until 1998, at which point Porsche introduced the Type 996. However, the 911 has been extensively modified by various automotive competitions for racing and rallying mainly because it is one of the most successful competition cars in existence. Take, for instance, the fact that the 911 Carrera RSR, with a naturally aspired engine, won numerous world championship races though the 70s, namely in 1977, 1975, 1979, and 1978.

Early & Classic  Porsche 911 Parts

The Porsche 911 came in fifth as the car of the century in a 1999 international poll. It is also one of the two top cars which remained in continuous production, the second being the Beetle, which was produced till 2003.

Car and Driver named the 911 the best premium sports car available today in 2015.

The Present Porsche 911

In 2018, during the Porsche 911 debut at the Los Angeles Autoshow, the company ran a short presentation of the series’ history since the early days.

Starting July 2019, the company has started to market its non ’S’ model of the 992. However, what many people noticed is that the exterior except for a few minor changes is identical to the 991, the difference was mainly between the 20” inch wheels as opposed to the 19” inch ones.

So, even today, the Porsche 911 lives up to its promise of being one of the best looking and feeling performance vehicles on the planet.